Gastro Cup Serbia

The organizers have provided a common accommodation for all competitors and guests of the event who are not from Novi Sad, so that the socializing between colleagues could continue outside of the fair as well as ensuring the best prices for our competitors during the fair. Accommodation will be in the Hotel ZENIT in Novi Sad, Zmaj Jovina Street, Novi Sad.

Price for a one night stay in hotel ZENIT with breakfast is 25€ per person in a double room. Price for a one night stay in hotel ZENIT with breakfast is 36€ per person in a single room.

Check-in at the hotel is on September 17, 18 or 19. after 12pm. Check-out is at is at 11am.
There you will be welcomed by girls at the Green Valley counter in order to fill out application documents and receive fair accreditations. Phone number: 063/550951 (Jelena).
Guests from Serbia can pay membership fees for the categories through the account or payment slip to the Green Valley account (Marfin bank – account number 145 – 23797 – 73, Payer: Your Name, Surname and Address, Purpose of payment: Membership, Recipient: Zelena Dolina, Branislava Nušića 4c, Novi Sad) or in cash when receiving Your fair accreditations. For competitors and guests from abroad, we recommend paying cash when receiving the fair accreditation at the Green Valley counter in the hotel or fair hall in order to avoid bank fees and exchange rates that.

Please, we note that these prices are valid only by agreement between organizers and the hotel ZENIT in terms of group accommodation. During the application process we implore the competitors and guests to be very clear on the subject of categories and accommodation in order to be registered in advance in the competition table and to ensure that your accommodation are reserved.

Zmaj Jovina 8, Novi Sad, Serbia
Phone: + 381 (0) 21 66 21 444
Mobile: + 381 (0) 63 52 02 43 (Viber, WhatsApp)
Instagram: hotelzenit

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